The Tao of Equus

I have been reading The Tao of Equus recently and it’s stimulated a lot of thoughts for me about what it means to be sensitive in this modern world of ours. The book itself is beautiful & an eye opener as the author draws attention to how we have been programmed to not use our …

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In our last Soul Discovery Group monthly meetup we connected with each of our Astral Guides for messages about particular dreams that we had or the reason some weren’t actually dreaming. It was a very enlightening session with one of the main messages being to not shy away from the dark as this is where …

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There has been a lot of flooding in Nelson recently, it hasn’t affected my family hugely – we only had a day without power and another without water but many around the region have had up close and personal experiences with the water and it’s mud ally. It has however got me thinking, when did …

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