relationships can guide us to alignment

In the past month or so, I’ve been made aware of at least five energetic cords that have been draining me and two where I have been draining someone else and it’s led me to analyse these particular relationships. They have all been difficult relationships in different ways and it served as a reminder to me that the relationships where there are a lot of emotions (even ‘good’ as opposed to bad) have energy behind them that is worth investigating. When we do this we work through the things that are holding us back from discovering our true nature.

When there is the extra charge between you and another, when you feel that you have to go that extra mile to help them or you are always compelled to help others before you would ever consider helping yourself; there is an energy there that is not beneficial to you or them – you may not have even been asked for help to begin with yet you cannot not help them. Or it may be someone is intent on helping you even though you haven’t asked for it. In these instances, this is when it is worth coming within and examining the motivations behind this. A simple way that I can tell if I am overstepping my own boundaries (and therefore theirs) is that I will start to feel that I am overstretching myself, overreaching and consequently overwhelm will step in where I can’t even contemplate working through my own stuff…. If they are overstepping mine I may feel uncomfortable or that I do not have the ability to stand in my power.

Some simple questions that you can ask yourself regarding the relationships that you have with others:

  • Do you take their stuff home with you?
  • Is their business your business or vice versa?
  • Does any of what I have written above trigger you?

There can be a number of reasons why some of our relationships carry an extra charge or energy behind them – at the core of it there may be past life history that needs to be cleared, there may be a contract in place where you are giving or receiving healing or protection in the relationship, it also may be that one of your gifts or your desires is to ‘heal’ others but you haven’t worked out just yet how to do this in a sustainable way for you that is not affected by detrimental conditioning and beliefs.

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