Embodying the divine feminine

As always Winter has been an interesting step in my healing and spiritual journey. There has been a lot of healing of the many past lives where spouses – especially husbands have energetically attached to me. Now seems to be the right time for a mass release of them and I’m not the only one having this experience either, there is a definite push for me to be embodying the divine feminine more and more within myself and my life. The effect that these attaching souls have on us cannot be underestimated. As I step more into my power, it is becoming easier to see and release these souls and I can see how this mostly masculine energy has been subconsciously influencing choices that I have made in my life. Their energy is no longer a vibrational match for me as I shed my feelings of low self-worth, dependence, powerlessness, victimization, blame, shame, guilt and so many others. This is not an easy adjustment as I start to see my blind spots vividly highlighted – where I have been holding myself back and where I have fallen into blaming others for what I see as my lack of achievement in certain areas of my life.

The topic of the journey to embodying the divine feminine is not a small one and the elements that I am mentioning only cover one aspect of it but for me this releasing of old husbands is about finding and regaining my power as well as giving myself the freedom to truly be me without interference.

With this theme so prevalent, Claudia from Innerwisdom-consulting and I took our Soul Discovery Group members on a journey at our last monthly meetup to clear the path to the divine feminine aspect of themselves. The session started with channelled messages coming through from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene who were eager to assist the journeys of all who were there, the spirit of the cat came in as did the matriarch of the trees. We then moved on to a meditation aimed at allowing us to see what our embodiment of the divine feminine would look like. With the strong presence of cat energy this led to a channelled message and healing from the Egyptian Goddesses Bastet and Sekhmet before we focused on clearing the blocks, conditioning and beliefs that the group were now ready to let go of in order to be able to embody the divine feminine in their current lives. It was interesting to see the other themes that came up throughout this as the group chatted about their experiences during the session and where they felt their blocks to the divine feminine sat.

Overall for me the divine feminine is about flow, softness, fun, creativity and feeling powerful while being in these aspects. It’s about movement, freedom, rhythm, dance and song.

…I can hear her sweet but powerful voice but when will I start to work along with it? It’s all a work in progress, but everyday I get stronger and more in tune to who I am and what I’m here to do.

For those wanting to clear blocks towards embodying their connection with their divine feminine I am available for in person and via distance for Akashic Healings & Readings, Past Life or Angelic Reiki Sessions. Myself and Claudia from Innerwisdom-consulting also offer Multi Dimensional Akashic Healing Sessions where along with the healing you receive written messages and drawings from your guides plus much more. Get in touch for more information or to book: greetings@innersensenz.com

If you would like to join our monthly Soul Discovery Group you will just need to complete Level 1 of our Soul Discovery Workshop so you know the foundation of your path to soul alignment. Also, if you prefer it we can tailor an individual Workshop just for you or you can join our regular Group Workshops. If there is enough interest, we will also run online versions of the Workshop if you cannot make it to Nelson.

Once you have completed the Level 1 Soul Discovery Workshop you:

  • Have access to our monthly special group meditations, healings and channelled messages;
  • Will be connected to others in our community from the same star origin if you want to meet others.