In our last Soul Discovery Group monthly meetup we connected with each of our Astral Guides for messages about particular dreams that we had or the reason some weren’t actually dreaming. It was a very enlightening session with one of the main messages being to not shy away from the dark as this is where you find the light. Quite often in dreams we are running, hiding and avoiding but when we turn around and confront what we are escaping from this is where the gems lie.

A few days after this I had an exhausting dream filled night where I dreamt I was sitting in the car with Hermione and maybe Harry and Ron from the Harry Potter movies, for some reason Hermione was holding a smoky quartz point twisted in wire. Surprisingly they all started smoking a joint but I chose to abstain as I was tired and just wanted to sleep. In the end I went to bed but was disrupted by an ex boyfriend turning up with a whole lot of people for a party. For a little while I put up with it but I realised that they were disturbing more people than just me so I told my ex to call it off. He in turn went to open the garage door with the intention of moving the party there as it would be quieter. I tried to stop him as I knew the garage was full but he didn’t listen and all this furniture started falling out but I grumpily managed to fix it up. Fast forward to the ‘morning’ in my dream and suddenly my ex arrives again, all tidied up like a real metro man this time ready to go get a job as a teacher. For some reason at this point he became a combination of two of my exes and he is doing all the ‘right’ things including engaging with my child.

At this point I woke up with a stiff neck and shoulders thinking how weird the whole thing was and set about my day. I thought I would mention to Claudia from Innerwisdom-consulting who I was visiting later that I thought I was shifting stuff from my crown and throat chakras but in the meantime I forgot. When I saw her I did mention that I thought I was shifting something from my right hip so she did a ‘quick’ check in for me. Yes, I was releasing stuff from that area relating to chaos and my need for peace in my living environment which surprisingly echoed the dream. And then there was the juicy stuff – I had been right, I was shifting past life attaching souls – one on my crown who was creating a toxic feeling that I was always dependent on others, two souls at my throat – one creating trauma from an energetic healing contract I had entered into along with the other creating more feelings of dependence and an energetic pressure to ‘keep up appearances’ in combination with another healing contract. My ex boyfriend had been in my dream for a reason as a cord between myself and him was ready for me to release – I wonder too if his recreating himself in the dream was to do with this energy of keeping up with appearances. Three more cords were also ready to go, one that I gained in the early years of becoming a Mum and doubting my intuition on how I wanted to parent due to criticism from those around me. This may also relate to the ‘perfect’ metro man image my ex portrayed in the dream – being all dressed up and proper, suddenly doing everything right with my son. Interestingly, this time of my life seems to have disturbed my ability to correctly astral travel in my sleep due to the anxiety that was created. I still fortunately have managed to have super interesting dreams since then thankfully but I think it’s a case of watch this space after this impromptu healing – who knows what my dreams may be like next if they were so vivid and helpful before I discovered these issues? I think the biggest takeaway from this is that my dreams have been providing me with a guide for things that I am ready to let go of and heal and I just haven’t realised it until now when it has been so evidently been illustrated to me.

If you are interested in receiving channelled messages regarding your dreams along with healing please get in touch. There are many options available – greetings@innersensenz.com

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