You-THE Highest source of Wisdom

I had a healing session with Crysal from Mind over Matter Ltd the other day that reminded me how much wisdom I have access to by just tuning into my own body. Looking at a concept that was troubling me I was guided by her to feel where it was sitting in my body. The wisdom that I received from it with this process was fantastic to the point I was able to resolve and release what was troubling me from both my mind and body. This illustrated to me how easy it is to forget about the physical side to spirituality as you can get carried away with always reaching out of yourself for alternative guidance and wisdom in preference to your own. You get into the pattern of needing that buzz of getting external confirmation that you are on the right path, that you are getting it right – because you aren’t responsible enough to be in charge of your own life – you have only made it this far because of sheer luck, right? New age spiritual teaching also has a lot to blame for this too as we are encouraged to connect with this being and that being and the many others that are out there without reminding us to come back to the most perfect being that you should be connecting with – yourself. You are your own font of wisdom if you care to listen to your body’s whispered sweet nothings or it’s anguished cries of pain and emotion. When something makes you feel drained and exhausted do you question your work ethic and tolerance levels or do you actually tune in and listen…. Hey body, do you hate doing this? What else are you telling me? Start at your body and then reach out after that for extra guidance. Your body speaks to you as does your higher self, you are getting the messages that you need without realising it ALL THE TIME.

At the end of the day if what I’m saying doesn’t ring true to you, that’s cool, follow your own wisdom – you know the way 😉