Soul Discovery Workshop Level 1


The price includes the Workshop itself along with a short pre Workshop Clearing/Healing to remove whatever is standing in your way to getting the most out of the Workshop.
Testimonial from a Soul Discovery Workshop participant:
“What an amazing experience! …  I highly recommend this experience to anyone who may be interested in connecting with their guides or who feels like they need a bit of clarity or guidance in their lives. Claudia and Kirstan are both so warm, friendly and fun – they instantly put you at ease. I really can’t recommend this experience enough and already want to do it again!”

Are you looking for your next step in life? Working with the magic of the Akashic Records Claudia & Kirstan will help you discover your TRUE self during the Soul Discovery Workshop on the 17th March at the Ruby Retreat, Nelson.

Learn about the intriguing nature of your Soul so you can embrace your life more fully. You will be guided on a journey of self discovery finding out which Starseed you are and connecting with your Star Family. Learning your Soul Gifts and how you can work with them to create the life you desire. Within the group we will explore what makes each of us unique and how we can all work together to use our gifts for the benefit of all. Find out more about spirit guides and have the opportunity to connect with one of your guides in order to receive the most PERFECT guidance for you.
We will support this journey of soul discovery by sharing tools and rituals creating a firm base for you from which you can move forward from after the Workshop in order to enhance your spiritual practice.
There will be a channelled group meditation & healing tailored specifically to the group of individuals that attend the Workshop to move any blocks standing in the way of the journey to knowing your soul more deeply and the path that you are on.

What Soul Discovery Workshop journey consists of:
o Information on your Starseed origins, your soul gifts and how you can use them to come into alignment in your life.
o Tailored channelled meditation & healing, messages & guidance.
o Information about Spirit Guides, what they do for us & instruction on different ways to connect with them.

o Spiritual tools & practices to help you with your day to day life.
o Snacks and refreshments.
o Connection with other like-minded individuals.

Price: $179.00 (includes a short pre Workshop Clearing/Healing to remove whatever is standing in your way to getting the most out of the Workshop).

Meet your hosts:
Kirstan Robinson
Past Life Healer, Angelic Reiki Practitioner and Akashic Reader

Claudia Tietjens
Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Business Mentor, Dowser, Teacher of the Unconventional…/
*In some instances it is not possible to access a person’s Records so this will be checked in advance before payment to ascertain if the Workshop is the best step for you.
If you cannot make it to the Soul Discovery Workshop in person & would like to do an online Workshop or have a one on one tailor made Workshop just for you – email

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